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Booking live music

Looking for live music for your event? Check here our acts and contact us for a quotation

For some training support you can use a lot of physical vocal tools to help you. We do not supply those all of those. If needed we guide you to find your tool that you need. 

Singing lessons & Vocal training

It’s very easy to get injured if you don’t practice your voice properly. If you like to sing in your free time or like to sing professional you need to train your voice with a Conservatory trained vocalist. We create a personal plan suited for your need and wishes. 


 If you are in need of support for your music career or need to know what the next step will be. We can guide you on the business end and creative end of things. 


Web Design

We can design a website based on the WordPress CMS. We use builders like Bricks, Divi, and Guttenburg(WordPress native builder). We can create the website you need depending on your needs. Contact us for an intake meeting.  

composing and arranging

If you are in need of music for your band, video, or some other project. Composing custom-made music is possible. If you already have music but it’s missing a spark of creativity we can arrange music to your need.